The first part: detailed design of nine artificial structures across the rivers and streams from 72km to 122km of the road.

For streams with the flood discharge of 16m3/s Transmost JSC proposed filtering embankment instead of bridges because of unpleasant environment.

The superstructures of the bridges are steel split beams with deck truss and 18.2-33.6m span.

The piers have pile foundation with piles 80sm in diameter.

The piers of the bridge across the Yalta River are designed as space through truss. The abutments are founded on pile-work gratings on reinforced concrete posts. In case if embankments are low no pike-work gratings are use

The second part: detailed design of twenty bridges from 157km to 217km of the road.

Considering the absence of requirements for structures and visual appearance of bridges’ members, the typical standard design was used for superstructures and piers.

The types of superstructures constructed:

  • Steel split ballasted beams with 18.2m, 23.0m, 27.0m and 33.6m spans.
  • Through trusses with reinforced concrete ballastless slabs with 66.0m, 88.0m and 110.0m spans, made by typical standard design project series 3.501.2-139 № 1293.

Superstructures with 18.2m, 23.0m, 27.0m and 33.6m spans are used for bridges across the streams, on          curvilinear ground and to decrease the loads for bridges with long spans.

The piers are composite in contour concrete units, according to the typical standard design project series 3.501.1-150 on pile foundation. Due to the seismicity the antiseismic fittings is used inside the contour of facing units in composite piers. At the top of piers there is a space for power transmission line and contact system.

The abutments made of monolithic reinforced concrete.

Type of works done: detailed design

Year of completion: 2012