The bridge across the Nadym River is located on the road from Surgut to Salekhard.

The river crossing structure across the Ob River near Salekhard is the part of planning railway that will connect West Siberia with railway network of Russia.

The river crossing structure is 3 km away from the Oka River’s mouth, where Oka flows into the Volga.

The combined bridge is designed for road and railway transport. It has 11x56.1+57.4+3x111.6+57.3m spans, the total length of the bridge is 1066m. It has two track railway and 6-lane carriageway. Railway superstructure is situated in the center of the piers and on both sides there are carriageways. The cross-section of this bridge consists of three spans with same abutments.

The combined bridge is designed for road transport and railway, the length of the bridge is 1611.26m. The total length of bridge approaches is 8353.4m. The total length of river crossing structure is 9961.56m.

The one track railway bridge across the Amur River in Khabarovsk City was built in 1916. The total length of the bridge was 2600.0m. The river bed part of a bridge is covered by steel through truss with 18x127.4m spans.

The bridge is proposed to be constructed 38km away from Yakutsk City in permafrost. The length of the bridge is 2871m. Two-level combined bridge consists of 2-lane carriageway on the upper level and a single-track railway on the lower level. The total length of the river-crossing is 3180m. It includes overpass, road and railway junctions, dams, security and maintenance facilities. The river bed superstructure consists of 4x 308m-long arch spans and 2х154 + 5x(2x154)m long truss spans.

The combined bridge across the Irtysh river in Omsk is a part of the first metro line from Red Way station to the Bus station. The bridge is designed for two-track metro railway at the lower level and 6-lane traffic at the upper level.

The metro overpass is a part of structures for Ametievo station. It has continuous superstructure, consisted of 45+36+21 spans. Its width is 20m and it is base for two-track metro railway and station structure complex, including platform, upper area for pedestrians and other structures.