Petroleum refinery in Tuapse City is situated in one of the most convenient locations. It is the only Russian Petroleum Refinery on the coastal area of the Black Sea and belongs to ‘Rosneft’ Petroleum Company. Due to the necessity of equipment and materials delivery for construction, along with better transport infrastructure for the full capacity, the project of modernization had been implemented.

The structures on the road from Schelkovskoe highway to Open highway:

The 3-level junction on the road from Schelkovskoe highway to Open highway includes:

  • 4-lane overpass, directed to the Belokamennaya station. Its length is 1370m with two ramps and entry, which total length is 1510m. The superstructure is made of steel and reinforced concrete.
  • 6-lane viaduct for road transport and tramways. The superstructures is made of steel and reinforced concrete.
Transmost has been actively involved in the design of civil engineering structures on roads and railways for the Sochi Olympic facilities since May 2008. The primary difficulties encountered by the Transmost specialists when working on these facilities were the elevated seismicity (up to Degree 9) and the confined conditions in the construction area.

The fill dam of the Flood Protection Barrier is 25.4km-long and is situated in Gulf of Finland. This dam is part of St Petersburg Ring Road.