The bridge is located in the historical part of the city. This meant the high architectural requirements for the bridge design.

The bridge has 27.0+39.0+27.0m spans, the width of the carriageway is 4.5m. The superstructure is steel and continuous with polygonal contour of the lower chord and perforated sides of girders and orthotropic pedestrian path.

The junction is located in Sochi. This location is characterized by high seismic activity, lanslides, steep slopes, large quantity of engineering communications near the health centers.

The pedestrian bridge is located on the crossroads of Bebel street and Tavatuiskaya street. The bridge clearance is 6.0m, the width is 4m. This structure consists of two overpasses and four staircases. The bridge has 2x33+21m span along the Bebel street and 2x33m span along the Tavatuiskaya street. The structures are assembled prestressed reinforced concrete I-shaped beams, combined into temperature continuous structure.