The C2 navigation structure is an important element of the Barrier, intended for navigation of the “river-sea” class of vessels. The total length of the bridge is 1078.65m. The bridge has (10x27.0+6x33.0) +120+(6x33.0+10x27.0)m spans. The width of the carriageway is 13.25+0.8+13.25. The carriageway is designed for 6-lane traffic with the 120km/h designed speed.

The bridge across the Don River is located on 65+057km of the road from Meshkovskaya station to Kazanskaya station.

Bolsheokhtinsky bridge was originally built in 1909-1913. It was the 4th permanent bridge across the Big Neva River.

The Volodarsky bridge was originally built in 1932-1936.

The Liteiny bridge across the Neva River in St Petersburg was originally built in 1875-1879.

The bridge is designed for 3-lane traffic on one way, two-track trams way and two 3m-long footpaths. The total length of the river crossing structure is 905.7m, the width of the bridge is 35m.