Under the Transmost’s design the following objects are to be built:

  • railway bridge across the Hirota River. Its length is 44.2m. The superstructure has 38.5m span and consists of steel through truss
  • two overpasses with prestressed composite superstructure, 490m and 57m-long respectively.
  • overpass, approaching to the airport in Sochi, consisting of three parallel superstructures, which create the passenger station.

Under this project it is planned to construct more than 40km highway with the large amount of bridges and tunnels. At the same time the recostruction of the railway from Sochi to Veseloe stations is perfromed, including construction of the second railway and the M-27 road with junctions.

The first part: detailed design of nine artificial structures across the rivers and streams from 72km to 122km of the road.

The second part: detailed design of twenty bridges from 157km to 217km of the road.

The bridge across the Amga River is located on the railway road Berkakit – Tommot-Yakutsk, in the area of permanently frozen soil. The Amga River is the largest confluent of the Aldan River and characterized by the following:

  • The length is 1462.0km
  • The flood basin is 69300 sq km
  • The width of the bridge under the bridge is 280m with the 8m depth.

Transmost JSC has designed the steel superstructure with 66+110+66m spans. This one-track superstructure is continuous with open web structure and triangular web without posts and suspenders.

Two-track bridge across the Moscow River is located on the Smaller Railway Ring in Moscow. The bridge was built in 1907 and was called under the name of Emperor Nicholas II.