The bridge is proposed to be constructed 38km away from Yakutsk City in permafrost. The length of the bridge is 2871m. Two-level combined bridge consists of 2-lane carriageway on the upper level and a single-track railway on the lower level. The total length of the river-crossing is 3180m. It includes overpass, road and railway junctions, dams, security and maintenance facilities. The river bed superstructure consists of 4x 308m-long arch spans and 2х154 + 5x(2x154)m long truss spans.

According to its characteristics and peculiarities, this bridge, designed in severe weather conditions, has the unique structure and has analogues neither in Russia nor in foreign countries.

Type of works done: survey, design studies, statistical analysis, river studies, modeling of river flow.

Year of completion (design): 2008