The river crossing structure across the Ob River near Salekhard is the part of planning railway that will connect West Siberia with railway network of Russia.

The bridge is 288km away from the river’s mouth. This bridge is combined bridge, both for road transport and railway.  The pedestrian paths are 1.0m-long. The lower level is designed for the railway and the upper one– for road transport. From the right shore the railway is approaching by overpass with 2x63.0+33.6m span. The highway is going on the upper level by the overpass with 9x69.0m span.

Superstructure consists of combined continuous steel arches and two-level truss. The length of the bridge is 2 439.80 m with 4х(2х110)+7х220m span.

Type of works done: feasibility study (2007) and design (2009)

Year of completion: the construction is planning to start in 2013-2014