The viaduct has 7х18.0+3х21.0+54.0+2х21.0m span. The full length between the abutments is 291.57m. The superstructure, overlapping the road from Surgut to Nefteugansk, is steel and split, with orthotropic deck and span’s length 54m. It is suspended with cables on arch pylon in the middle of the deck. The arch tower is steel fixed arch with box cross section.

Cables are steel and closed, with Y-shaped anchorage at the ends. The assembly unit of cables is made as eye bar, fixed to the collar beam and pylon, what makes free rotation and more comfortable inspection.  

Overpasses have 5x18m and 4x18.0+15.0m spans. They made of typical standard reinforced concrete beams. Retaining walls of the ramps are 206.7m-long and made of monolithic reinforced concrete with reinforced ground embankment.

Year of completion: 2006