Technical characteristics:

  • The length of the designed part of the road is 4km
  • 176.8m-long viaduct with 23m width, designed for 4-lane traffic, including one 1.5m-long footpath
  • Two ramps
  • Traffic circle joining an existing ring road
  • 15 culverts
  • Two pedestrian tunnels
  • Stair approach
  • Electricity and illumination

The superstructure of viaduct consists of steel continuous beam with orthotropic deck with three 54+72+42m spans. The superstructure is constructed with low height of the beam (the height of the beam in the middle is 1.2m) with the nonlinear contour of the lower chord.

This junction had been completed within 10 month instead of 2,5 years as stated in contract.

Year of completion: 2005