The bridge is designed for 3-lane traffic on one way, two-track trams way and two 3m-long footpaths. The total length of the river crossing structure is 905.7m, the width of the bridge is 35m.

The bridge consists of two spans, 120m each long, and 50m-long moveable span. 

The river crossin structure consists of:

- the 629m-long bridge 

- left and right riverside ramps, 67m- and 88m-long respectively, which consist of reinforced concrete overpasses and vertical outer walls

- approaches and embankments with granite masonry

- road and railway bridges across the Monastyrka River

- tunnel on the left riverside.

The two piece moveable span of the bridge is steel with curvilinear lower chord and hydraulic lifting mechanism.

The piers have pile foundation and are separated for two beams of the span.

The new construction technologies were implemented for construction of this bridge. 

Year of completion: 1965