The superstructures consist of prefabricated reinforced concrete beams, 27.0m-long and 26.0m-long. For the first time in Russian operating experience the method of prestressing the concrete was used.

The fill dam of the Flood Protection Barrier is 25.4km-long and is situated in Gulf of Finland. This dam is part of St Petersburg Ring Road.

The dam is equipped with six water sluices B1-B6 and two navigation structures C-1 and C-2, which at the same time leak the water. The total length of the water width is 1536m that is 1.5 times wider than the mouth of the Neva River.

Transmost JSC made a contribution into this project. The company has designed the following structures:

All the structures are designed for 6-lane highway.

The opening for traffic was in 2011.

Year of completion: 2011