The Volodarsky bridge was originally built in 1932-1936.

Under the reconstruction project the following scope of works was done:

- Replacement of all spans;

- Disassembling of parts of the piers of the moveable span with construction of new piers on caisson foundation;

- Assembling of new modern hydraulic mechanisms of bridge lifting;

- Construction of new abutments

- Construction of trams overpass on the left riverside

Under the Transmost project reinforced concrete spans were replaced by steel continuous beam spans, 100.5- and 50.2m-long. The moveable span is 45.7m-long. The hydraulic lifting system is applied.

Total length of the river crossing structure is 797.5m, the bridge’s length is 394.72m, and the length of approaches is 206.34m and 196.44m respectively. The width of the bridge is 40.5m.

The bridge is designed for 6-lane traffic and two-track trams way. The footpaths are 2.25m each long. On the left riverside there is an overpass for trams.

Year of completion: 1993