The bridge has 2х33,0+(105,0+210,0+2х180,0+210,0+105,0) +(2х63,0)m span and its length is 1195.40m.

The superstructure of the river bed part of the bridge is continuous deck truss with 105.0+210.0+2х180.0+210.0+105.0m span. The cross section has two plain trusses with the 13.95m-long interval. The triangular trusses are 15m-high. The truss members are welded and have 800x650m box cross section. The assembling of the river bed superstructure is performed by suspended cantilever method with temporary piers or by plain suspension method with strengthening the cantilever with temporary subdiagonal.

The left superstructure consists of two 33.0m-long precast and prestressed reinforced concrete I-beams. The right superstructure is steel continuous beam with orthotropic deck and has 2x63.0m span.

The piers is large, made from composite materials, they have composite units with cast reinforced center and pile-work grating. The cross section of piles varies – lower part has streamlined form and upper part is rectangular.

Type of works done: detailed design

Year of completion: under construction