Designing Ideas
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Krasnodar Krai

Petroleum refinery in Tuapse City is situated in one of the most convenient locations. It is the only Russian Petroleum Refinery on the coastal area of the Black Sea and belongs to ‘Rosneft’ Petroleum Company. Due to the necessity of equipment and materials delivery for construction, along with better transport infrastructure for the full capacity, the project of modernization had been implemented.

Under this project it is planned to construct more than 40km highway with the large amount of bridges and tunnels. At the same time the recostruction of the railway from Sochi to Veseloe stations is perfromed, including construction of the second railway and the M-27 road with junctions.

The junction is located in Sochi. This location is characterized by high seismic activity, lanslides, steep slopes, large quantity of engineering communications near the health centers.

Transmost has been actively involved in the design of civil engineering structures on roads and railways for the Sochi Olympic facilities since May 2008. The primary difficulties encountered by the Transmost specialists when working on these facilities were the elevated seismicity (up to Degree 9) and the confined conditions in the construction area.

In 2004 the project of reconstruction of airport in Gelendzhik was launched. Under this project the construction of a new airport complex and new landing strip was prescribed.