Petroleum refinery in Tuapse City is situated in one of the most convenient locations. It is the only Russian Petroleum Refinery on the coastal area of the Black Sea and belongs to ‘Rosneft’ Petroleum Company. Due to the necessity of equipment and materials delivery for construction, along with better transport infrastructure for the full capacity, the project of modernization had been implemented.

This project includes the following:

  • Development of park ‘D’ of Tuapse railway station, construction of new railway line leading to the industrial estate.
  • Construction of new railway bridge across Tuapse River with steel arch spans, the length is 173.0m, the skew is ~ 45 degree.
  • Construction of new 92.0m-long carriageway bridge, consisted of steel beams.
  • Construction of new 137.0m-long utilities bridge with continuous steel beam span.
  • Reconstruction of 1 km embankment along the Tuapse River, with overpass over the railway line and T-shaped junction with the carriageway bridge.
  • Construction of new overpass, 265.0m-long, that is above the railway line. Superstructure consists of reinforced concrete and composite beams.
  • Widening the railway bridge over the Greek stream.
  • Shifting the city conduit outside the industrial estate.
  • ‘Crossing of the main railway (one-track and two-track) from Tuapse to Shepsy with the road for large and heavy equipment’s transportation’ project for construction of new Petroleum Refinery.

This project is considered to be unique because of difficult construction and seismic conditions, lots of utility lines and external transport infrastructure.

Year of completion: 2010