Transmost specialists designed the following facilities:

New Adler-Sochi Airport rail line

1. Steel span low truss bridge across the Bolshaya Khirota River, 44.2 m long with an effective span of 38.5 m

2. Overpass No. 1, 490 m long with a (20.0+24.5+27.9)+(3х28.2+18.9)+(9х26.0)+(28.0+26.0+17.5) m design

3. Overpass No. 2, 57 m long with a 2х23.5 m design. Both overpasses with prestressed cast-in-place reinforced concrete spans located on an R=300 m curve

4. Overpass No. 3, the approach overpass to the Sochi airport terminal complex, 200 m long. Three parallel spans form the passenger terminal: two separate railway overpasses and a passenger platform pedestrian overpass located between the railway overpasses.

Adler–Alpika Service alpine resort combined road/railway

Railway bridge structures

5. Two-track overpass more than 830 m long, with radius on the plan up to 600 m and grades exceeding 0.03

6. Two overpasses approximately 970 and 630 m long, separated by an earthen embankment

7. Bridge approximately 360 m long across the Mzymta River (actually two single-track bridges).

Road bridge structures

8, 9, 12, 14, 15, 16 – bridges across streams at KP 19, KP 47, KP 98, KP 154, KP 158 and KP 170 with total length of approximately 285 m

10. Overpass 196 m long at KP 57+30 on primary traverse (interchange No. 2)

11. Bridge 380 m long across the Mzymta River at KP 90 with 33+42+4х63+42 m design

13. Bridge 620 m long across Mzymta River at KP 102 with (63+84+105+2х84)+(3х63) m design; the span length of 105 m was required to cross over a tectonic fault

17. All-steel bridge span over Sulimovskaya Creek with 25+81+42 m design, designed specially for the Alpika Service–Roza Khutor road

18. Two-level junction on Sochi Bypass Road

19. M-27 Highway Dzhubga-Sochi (Bytkha) junction

20. Golubye Dali junction at Adler railway station