The total length of the bridge is 80.8m, the width of the carriageway is 10.35 + two 1.5m-long bicycle paths + two 2.0m-wide footpaths. The total width of the bridge is 17.35m. The bridge clearance is 16.0x6.5m. There are two 4m-wide bicycle paths under the bridge.

The bridge consists of steel fixed arch, which supports the deck by 4 cables. The deck is made of prestressed reinforced concrete. The cross section of steel arch has varying height. On the side of the bridge there is a mood lighting, which creates the rainbow effect.  The cables are made of 75 strands d=15.7mm in protecting synthetical fiberfill.

The opening of the Vabaduze Bridge became the most significant event of 2009 for Tartu’s citizens. Therefore Transmost was awarded with ‘Deed of the Year’ diploma.

Type of works done: architectural, preliminary, detailed design and construction supervision.

Year of completion: 2009