The junction is located in Sochi. This location is characterized by high seismic activity, lanslides, steep slopes, large quantity of engineering communications near the health centers.

The junction complex includes the following:

  • 120.31m-long viaduct with 57.0+30.0+27.0 span. It is designed for 5-lane traffic. The superstructure is continuous steel beam; the cross section consists of four prefabricated steel box girders with the 1.98m-long sides, connected with orthotropic deck. The piers are rack mount, made of monolithic reinforced concrete.
  • 223.36m-long ramp overpass with 21.0+2x36.0+3x24.0+27.0+24.0m spans. The superstructure is continuous composite beam with orthotropic deck.
  • Pedestrian underpass has three exits and is made of monolithic reinforced concrete with shallow footing. The facing is made of granite slabs.
  • Pedestrian bridge, which width is 2.25m. The superstructure is steel and continuous. The cross section consists of two I-beams, connected with the orthotropic slab.
  • 8 retaining walls and landslide protection structures.

Type of works done: detailed design

Year of completion: under construction