The viaduct of the junction in Nizhnevartovsk is located above the road from Nizhnevartovsk to Izluchinsk. The skew is 62°. The viaduct is designed as a frame structure with 16,6+22,6+16,6m skew spans. The total width is 15.4m. The length between abutments is 65.6m. The width of the deck is 11.5m with two 1.5m-long footpaths. Obstruction clearance varies between 6.4m and 6.8m.

The superstructure is a frame structure with orthotropic deck. The cross section has two prefabricated solid units, connected at upper chords with units of orthotropic slab while assembling. The frame legs are solid structures, which members are prolongements of lower chords.  The weight of the steel of the span is 329 tons. The connection joints of the lower chords, walls and orthotropic slab are welded. The connection joints of other members are tied with the bolts.

Year of completion: 2007