This river crossing structure is 28km away from the downtown. The width of the river under the bridge is 589m. The total length of the bypass of Krasnoyarsk is 32.3km. The project includes construction of 11 bridges and viaducts, including this bridge across the Yenisei River. The bridge has 33.0+(126.0+231.0+126.0)+3x63.0+3x33.0m span. The total length of the bridge is 814.3m. It also has 2-lane carriageway, which width is 11.5m. River bed piers are constructed for full development, for 4-lane carriageway. The river bed part of the bridge is the half through truss with 126+231+126m span.

In October 2009 the design of the bridge was awarded with ‘Design of the Year’ diploma.

Type of works done: preliminary and detailed design, engineering and construction supervision.

Year of completion: (1st phase): 2008