This bridge has 3x33.0+(63,0+115,5+63,0)m spans and its total length is 351.38m. The width of the bridge is 2x11.5 plus two footpaths 1m-wide each. Superstructures and piers are different for two traffic routes. Three 33m-long spans consist of prestressed reinforced concrete beams.

The river bed part of the bridge consists of continuous steel beam with 63+115.5+63m orthotropic deck. The height of vertical slab of spans is 3600mm, the length between two main beams is7600mm. The assembling of the superstructure was performed by linear launching method with 115m-long cantilever.

This bridge, connecting Krasnoyarsky Land and Republic of Khakasia, is called ‘Fraternal Bridge’. On both sides of the bridge there are sightseeing points with architectural monuments.

In 2003 the bridge received the A. Vyatkin’s Award in construction and supervision sphere from the Government of Khakasia.

Type of works done:  detailed design and construction supervision.

Year of completion: 2004