Under the road reconstruction project it was prescribed to replace the existing superstructure of the bridges across the Sozh River with keeping existing piers. The new superstructure is composite beams with 11.5m-wide deck and two 1.0m-wide footpaths. The river bed part of the bridge is continuous 83.31+83.84+83.31m spans; the riverside part is split with designed 42.0m-long span.

The reinforced concrete deck is monolithic. The use of lateral beams helped to make the deck plain, therefore the construction height of superstructure decreased and the molding became easier.

The assembling of continuous superstructure with 83.31+83.84+83.31m span was performed by linear launching method with 21m-long launching nose and without temporary piers. The assembling of 42.0m-long superstructure was performed by crane from with the use of one temporary pier in the middle of the span.

Type of works done: detailed design

Year of completion: 2009