The width of the Oka River near the bridge is 450.0m; the depth is 5-6m. The bridge clearance is 16m. This bridge is cable-stayed bridge with three towers, the length is 1391.6m and the width is 15m. It consists of 63.0+108.5+2x321.0+108.5+63.0m span, designed for 2-lane traffic and pedestrians. The construction length of bypass, including 3 road junctions and 5 overpasses, is 21.9km.

The river bed part of the bridge has 2 key spans, 231.0m each long. It consists of 6-spans composite continuous deck, which is supported by fan shaped cables. The anchorages of the deck are regulated and of the tower are fixed.  The cables consist of secured parallel strands and accepted as the most reliable one. The amount of strands varies from 11 to 32. The towers have box cross section.

The study of this bridge construction’s reaction on the wind flow was held by CSTB Company, France.

Start date: August 2006

Type of works done: preliminary design, detailed design and technical supervision of construction

Year of completion: 2009