This river crossing structure is the key element of the main road from Perm to Tomsk. It is 17.5 km away from the place where Irtysh flows into Ob River. The width of the river under the bridge is 1100m. The river is characterized by heavy waterborne traffic, and also by difference in water levels.

The bridge consists of 3х70+94.5+136.5+231.0+136.5+94.5+5х70+49m span, the total length is 1315.90m and the deck’s width is 11.5+2x1.5m. The river bed part of the bridge is continuous steel beam with combined 94.5+136.5++231.0+136.5+94.5 spans, it has no analogues in Russia. The central span consists of through arch truss with flexible tie-bars. Related spans consist of through truss.

Type of works done: architectural and detailed design

Year of completion: 2004