In June 2012, construction of the new road bridge across the Yenisei River in Krasnoyarsk began. The feasibility study, blueprints, and work documentation were drawn up by Transmost, a public limited company.

The bridge crossing structure with the total length of 1943m serves as a major roadway with city-wide importance as a direct driving route. The crossing consists of the bridge over the Yenisei River and two interchanges at different levels.

The bridge over the Yenisei River with the length of 1273.35m allows for six lanes of vehicles, pedestrians, and a heat pipeline.

The bridge consists of riverbed and right-bank overpass parts:

  • The riverbed part of the bridge with the length of 776.68m has a continuous beam-type steel superstructure with an orthotropic deck and 92.69 + 4 x 147.0 + 92.69m span, reinforced in sections that are 147.0m in girth.
  • The right-bank overpass with the length of 496.67 has a composite continuous beam-type superstructure and 63.0 + 69.0 + 84.0 + 78.0 + 2 x 63.0 + 42.0 + 27.0m span.

The bridge structure also includes highway interchanges: two levels of trumpet-type ramps on the right bank and three levels on the left. The total length of the road junctions amounts to 5498m. At the junctions there are 8 crossovers with a total length of 1580m formed from a metal, composite, and reinforced concrete superstructure, and also 5 retaining walls with a total length of 562m. Reconstruction of adjacent streets will be carried out during the construction of the junctions.

Completion of construction is scheduled for October 2015.