The existing bridge across the Velikaya River in Pskov made from precast reinforced concrete was built under the Lengiprotransmost’s design in 1963-1965. The total length is 229.10m, mas span is 88m-long.

 The works under the new design of the bridge include:

  • Increase of the live load and widening of the deck (from 14m to 15m)
  • Development of footpaths from monolithic reinforced concrete
  • Replacement of the deck and asphalt carpet, isolation joints and balustrades
  • Injections and capsulation of cracks in concrete
  • Replacement of existing 8.68m-long reinforced concrete spans to the new ones from monolithic reinforced concrete.
  • Rearrangement of piers
  • Rearrangement of ship warning lights
  • Rearrangement of communication lines

Year of completion: under construction