The superstructure of viaduct consists of steel continuous beam with orthotropic deck with three 54+72+42m spans. The superstructure is constructed with low height of the beam (the height of the beam in the middle is 1.2m) with the nonlinear contour of the lower chord.

The existing bridge is located on the 149+288km part of the M-10 road to Scandinavia from Saint-Petersburg through Vyborg till the Finish Boarder. The length of the bridge is 491.5m. It is designed for two-lane traffic. The bridge has 4х42.5 + (42.5+50.0+42.5) + 4х42.5m spans. The central part of the bridge is continuous prestressed reinforced concrete span. The adherent spans are typical standard designed beams, made of prestressed reinforced concrete.

The existing mountain road from Adler to Red Meadow was bumpy and dangerous, did not correspond to the up-to-date standards. Some parts on the road had contra flow traffic systems. Design and construction of this road refers to the large scope of road works for the Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi. All the construction areas are characterized by quite difficult building conditions. The seismic can reach the point of 92.

This bridge has 3x33.0+(63,0+115,5+63,0)m spans and its total length is 351.38m. The width of the bridge is 2x11.5 plus two footpaths 1m-wide each. Superstructures and piers are different for two traffic routes. Three 33m-long spans consist of prestressed reinforced concrete beams.

This river crossing structure is the key element of the main road from Perm to Tomsk. It is 17.5 km away from the place where Irtysh flows into Ob River. The width of the river under the bridge is 1100m. The river is characterized by heavy waterborne traffic, and also by difference in water levels.

The total length of the junction is 580m. The overpass is designed for 4-lane traffic, including four 1m-long safety strips and two pedestrian paths 0.75m-long each.