The C2 navigation structure is an important element of the Barrier, intended for navigation of the “river-sea” class of vessels. The total length of the bridge is 1078.65m. The bridge has (10x27.0+6x33.0) +120+(6x33.0+10x27.0)m spans. The width of the carriageway is 13.25+0.8+13.25. The carriageway is designed for 6-lane traffic with the 120km/h designed speed.

The vertical lift superstructure is 120m-long and consists of orthotropic slab, which lifts without special outer towers with lifting mechanisms. With the help of cable mechanisms the height of the bridge can be changed from 16 m to 25 m.

The weight of vertical lift superstructure is 2300 tons and counterbalanced with two balance beams, each 1140 tones

The fill dam of the Flood Protection Barrier is 25.4km-long and is situated in Gulf of Finland. This dam is part of St Petersburg Ring Road.

The dam is equipped with six water sluices B1-B6 and two navigation structures C-1 and C-2, which at the same time leak the water. The total length of the water width is 1536m that is 1.5 times wider than the mouth of the Neva River. 

Transmost PLC made a contribution into this project. The company has designed the following structures:

All the structures are designed for 6-lane highway.

The opening for traffic was in 2011.