Bolsheokhtinsky bridge was originally built in 1909-1913. It was the 4th permanent bridge across the Big Neva River.

Under the reconstruction project the following scope of works was done:

  • replacement of steel structures of moveable span, leaving the double arm system;
  • replacement of drive mechanisms of moveable span;
  • reconstruction of moveable span’s piers;
  • replacement and strengthening of carriageway’s members;
  • reconstruction of arch and post members;
  • reconstruction of decorative elements;
  • construction of new embankments and junctions on the left riverside.

Steel structures of the new span are welded, with orthotropic slab. Electromechanical drive is replaced by electrohydraulic one. The time of span’s lifting is approximately 4 minutes.

On the left riverside the two-level embankment was built. The tunnel-type junction was built on the crossing of the bridge and the embankment. 

Year of completion: 1999