The river crossing structure is 3 km away from the Oka River’s mouth, where Oka flows into the Volga. The width of the river under the bridge is 860m; the maximum depth is 7m. This bridge is combined, designed for metro and road transport. The bridge has 63,21+2x108,36+2x117,39+2x144,48+90,3m truss span.

The river crossing structure is divided in several parts:

  • 107m-long left shore overpass with 4 spans, designed for metro and 137m-long left shore overpass with 6 spans, designed for road transport.
  • 8-spans river bed part of the bridge, which length is 895m
  • right shore overpass, one is 185m-long, with 3 spans and designed for metro, and another is 280m-long, with 7 spans and designed for road transport

The traffic is set in two levels – lower level for metro and upper level for road transport. The traffic on the right shore overpass is divided.

Type of works done: preliminary and detailed design and technical supervision of construction

Year of completion: Road transport part – 2009; tube railway part – 2012.