The combined bridge is designed for road transport and railway, the length of the bridge is 1611.26m. The total length of bridge approaches is 8353.4m. The total length of river crossing structure is 9961.56m.

The bridge consists of:

  • (33.95+34.30+33.45) + (110.64+6x132.77+110.30) + (110.30+2x111.24+110.64) + 33.68m continuous, steel, beam, with parallel chords carriageway span and
  • 3x33.6+110.0+3x(2x132.0)+5x110.0+33.6m railway span. 

The superstructure of railway part of the bridge has the same piers. Railway part will be mounted in future.

Type of works done: detailed design and technical supervision of construction

Year of completion (road transport part): 2011