Transmost has designed 10 bridges on the road from Adler to Alpika-Service and also has developed the detailed design for 8 of them. 

The most complicated structure from mentioned ones is the bridge across the Mzymta River on the 102 survey stake. The bridge's lenght is 620m and it has  (63+84+105+2х84)+(3х63) spans. Such span, i.e. the 105m-long one, was designed to avoid the tectonic fault.

The bridge across the Mzymta River on the 90stake was designed with  33+42+4х63+42m spans, the bridge on the the 268 stake - 4x63m spans.

All bridges have solid steel spans with antiseismic systems.

The viaduct on the junction №2 was designed with 3x63m spans. The superstructure is steel and solid.

The bridges across the streams are split, solid steel and concrete beam with 33m and 42m spans. All bridges have pile foundation and unified piers.

Type of works done: design and detailed design